Humberside Hound Association

Our history

Portugese Podengo.

In the early 1970’s it seemed that the shows held in North and East Yorkshire, and North Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire, generally, were not particularly well supported by the hound breeds. But by 1980 the trend had shifted somewhat and the Hound breeds were becoming much more popular at the general open shows - who responded by giving more classes.

In 1981 a small group of Hound enthusiasts felt the time was right to form a ‘general’ Hound Club. The Kennel Club advised that sufficient Founder Members should be enrolled before holding an Inaugural Meeting - during that Summer of 1981 a ‘steering’ Committee was formed (Mrs M Feuerhelm, Mr C & Mrs P Wells and Mrs B Snowdon) who spoke to many Hound Enthusiasts at the many local General Open Shows held in the ‘targeted’ area.

The Inaugural Meeting of the Association was held on 22nd November at the Crest Hotel, North Ferriby (just outside Kingston Upon Hull). Mr Wells arranged for an advertisement (regarding a Proposed East Coast of England Hound Club meeting) to be screened at the Driffield Championship Show which was held at the Doncaster Race Course - and by the start of that meeting there were 40+ Founder Members.

At that Inaugural Meeting, it was agreed that the group seek KC recognition. It was agreed, also, that the Rules be formulated there and then and that Officers and Committee be elected from those present at that meeting.


The current Rules are very little changed to those first agreed at the inaugural meeting.

The first Officers and Committee elected were Mrs Marion Spavin - President (Beagles); Mrs Feuerhelm (Basset Hounds) - Chairman; Mr Beckett (Afghans) - Vice Chairman; Mrs Wells (Basset Hounds) - Secretary; Mrs Snowden (Basset Hounds) - Treasurer. Committee Members elected were Mrs Gates (Ridgebacks), Mrs Masterman (Borzoi), Mrs Cooper (Standard Wire Dachshund), Mr Cooper (Irish Wolfhound), Mrs Brown (Beagles), Mr Wells (Bassets), Mrs Thorne (Afghans and Pharaoh hounds), Mr Matthews (Irish Wolfhounds), Mrs Chase (Miniature Wire Dachshunds), Mrs Lindley (Otterhound) and Mrs Matthews (Irish Wolfhounds).

Mr P Wright suggested that the ‘area’ covered by the Society should be defined and the boundaries specified before applying to the Kennel Club for recognition. It was agreed to include North and East Yorkshire, North and South Humberside and Lincolnshire - as far as the Wash.

The first Committee Meeting was held on 20th January 1982. Sadly due to pressure of work, Mrs Snowden was unable to fulfil the duties as Treasurer. Mr Wells was co-opted into the post and has remained the Treasurer since that time. Dianna Spavin-Sykes was co-opted to fill the Committee vacancy left by the resignation of Mrs Snowden.

A number of fund raising events were proposed - until such time as the Society had full Kennel Club Recognition.

Sleeping dachshund.

10 different titles were suggested to the Kennel Club - none of which they considered suitable! The Kennel Club suggestion was “The Humberside Hound Association” - it was quickly agreed by the Committee! Notification of the name and new club were advertised in the June, 1982 issue, of the Kennel Gazette.

For a number of years the Humberside Hound Association scheduled a New Year Luncheon - this was a very popular and 'glittering' event at some of the best (posh) hotels/wedding venues in the area - and was always followed by a talk (usually very amusing) of top judges of note - the first speaker being Ann Argyle. One of the most amusing after lunch Speakers was Di Johnson.

The first of the Annual ‘Teach-In’s was held in 1982 - this took the form of a ‘Judge In’ where candidates discussed and examined the various breeds (Beagle, Ridgeback, Borzoi, Basset Hound, Dachshund, Irish Wolfhound, Pharaoh Hound and Afghan) with their handler breed specialists - for a little bit of ‘fun’ the candidates were asked to grade the dogs as if for a show class. Mrs Spavin then gave a talk about conformation in general, the specific requirements of breed type and the judging of different breeds. The novice judge who placed the dogs in the closest order of merit to the placings given by Mrs Spavin was adjudged the winner!

The first Annual General Meeting was held at York University, it followed a seminar which included a talk on canine infertility by Dr Edward Jones, a discussion about the work of the Kennel Club by Mr Bill Edmond and a description of Hare Hunting with Beagles by Mrs Dunn of the Hunsley Beagle pack.

The first show was held at the Costello Sports Centre Hull on 12 November 1983. Cathy Sutton was the Best in Show Judge. Best in Show was Ros Rawson’s Long Haired Dachshund.

No canine society publication - such as the show schedule etc. is complete without a ‘logo’. The Association held a competition for the best ‘logo’ (the winner received 1 year’s free Membership and a club badge). Entries were judged by the Membership at the Annual General Meeting and the winner was Peter Wright of the Brandeswood Afghans.